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  Established in 1989,Xiamen China Ping Diamond Industrial Co.,Ltd.manufacterse and sells Diamond and CBN tools sued successfully in many production lines  of mould and semiconductor Industry around the wordl.We have been ISO9001certifled sice 1996.As part of  our bong commitment to the highest quality,we continucusly innovate and Imrove production technology to exceed the quallty and value our customers have leamed to expect from us.

  The company's products are marketed under the     brand,which is widely accepted and highly regarded in the mould-processing Industry.These prouducts include diamond mounted points,diamond files,diamond grinding wheels,dimond dreser,diamond compound,diamond foils,diamond cloth and felt bobs etc.

  The company recently registered and launched giobally the     brand for tools and used in the semiconductor industry and procesion work tools. Products marketde under this brand  include CMP pad conditioner,diamond thin blades,back rinding wheels,and profile grinding wheels.

  In the cutting tools processing industry,our resin bond diamond grinding wheels have successfully used to grind PCB drill bits.Our vitrifled bond diamond ginding wheels have been efectively applled to the grinding of PCD cutting tools.

  In other industry such sa LED ,glass ,ceramic and optical fiber,we listen and  work closely with our custionmers to desing and develop tools ghey need to reduce production cost,improve product quality that ultimately improve their bottim line.

  Although we've grown from our modest beginnings to annual revenve exceeding the millioc USD,the company mantra remalns"maufactre excellent products to help our customers be succcessful" ,We fimly belleve our company motto is our path to sucess.Please contact us for any qusetions.We look forward to providing you excellent producs and services!